Teethgrinder (NL)

Teethgrinder (NL)


Dutch grind / death /sludge / crust / hardcore / powerviolence batallion!

Everything Is Noise on their latest album (Dystopia): Six years is a long time for any band to take between albums, but can you really complain when the long wait is compensated with something like this? On Dystopia, Teethgrinder are an entirely different unit of brute proportions than on their previous albums, and honestly, the reincarnation has done wonders for them. This doesn’t diminish the greatness of their past works in the slightest either, but goes to show that the band are on an upward trajectory that will eventually lead them atop untold heights. Dystopia is a work of art that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, proving to be an enjoyable and gripping experience to anyone who dares to dip their feet into the murk of the band’s making.


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