Nostromo (SUI)

Nostromo (SUI)


out of the box blend of grindcore, hardcore and metal elements

Formed in 1996, Helvetian four-piece NOSTROMO emerged in the middle of a bubbling hardcore scene powered by high-octane bands like Knut or Shora.

Their violence-drenched sounding showcases the project’s exceptional virtuosity and intelligence, made up of accurate riffing, overpowering drums, hopping bass lines and intense tortured vocals. They quickly demoed and released a two-track 7”, followed a few years later by their debut studio album ‘Argue’ (1998, Snuff Records). Their EP ‘Eyesore’ came out in 2000 by Mosh Bart Industries/Bisect Bleep, then a split EP with French grindcore quintet Blockheads (2002, Shogun Records).

Complex and technical, their masterpiece ‘Ecce Lex’ was released the same year through Overcome Records. The blue-chip musicianship as well as the uncompromising production - engineered by Mieszko Talarczyk of Swedish grindcore unit Nasum - raised the album to the rank of extreme metal reference. Somewhere between Napalm Death and Meshuggah, Nostromo’s skillfulness and fury hit the nail on the head. They started to tour relentlessly across Europe; live appearances alongside legends such as Slayer, Motörhead, Mastodon or Converge has fashioned the four juggernauts into a phenomenal live act. Nostromo released ‘Hysteron-Proteron’ in 2004 on Overcome Records. The album gathers acoustic versions of songs taken from their previous releases. A successful and acclaimed risk-taking.

In the mid 2000s, Nostromo split due to unsolvable tensions within the band. They reunited 11 years later for an informal private show. A few pictures posted on social networks were enough to spark things off: Gojira jumped at the chance to invite on their tour, shortly before the mighty Hellfest added them to their 2017 edition lineup. Galvanized by this substantial interest, Nostromo rose from the ashes and released their EP ‘Narrenschiff’ in 2019.

Nostromo recently inked a deal with Swiss record label Hummus Records (founded by the band Coilguns) and announced the release of their fourth studio album ‘Bucephale’ on October 28th 2022.


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