Live Burial (UK)

Live Burial (UK)


Uncompromising U.K. death metal!

Formed in the summer of 2013 and based in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK); Live Burial was founded with the aim of recreating the old school aesthetic of Death Metal, drawing from such influences like Asphyx, Death, Obituary, Autopsy and Bolt Thrower. Unashamedly and unapologetically vintage in sound and presentation, Live Burial are less about re-inventing the genre, and more about bludgeoning it with a profound and asphyxiating wall of noise.

Since self releasing a three track demo in 2013, and a four track EP in 2014, Live Burial would come to work with Extreme Metal Label Dunkelheit Produktionen to release their debut album “Forced Back To Life” to general and widespread acclaim in 2016.

The band have signed to Transcending Obscurity Records since 2018, and released their sophomore record “Unending Futility” in 2020. Kicking things up several notches, Unending Futility is a record which continues the mantra of profound and punishing Death Metal, engulfed with the Old School sound.

The band will be releasing their third record “Curse of the Forlorn” in Autumn 2022 via Transcending Obscurity. Refining the template as set out on “Unending Futility”, this record promises bigger riffs, more intricate song writing, wilder solos, and more haunting vocals.


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