Lifesick (DEN)

Lifesick (DEN)


Harsh, cold, clobbering metallic hardcore from Denmark.

LIFESICK got on the radar of the international hardcore/metal community via their debut album, 6.0.1., a nasty collection of tracks released by Southern Lord Records in 2016.

The Danish outfit are practioners of a strain of metallic hardcore that recalls both the glory years of Sunlight Studios and the H8000 era.

Three years after the release of ‘Swept In Black’, Lifesick from Fredericia, Denmark are back with their third studio album ‘Misanthropy’ out February 11th, 2022 via Isolation Records. After releasing their debut album “6 0 1” on Southern Lord Recordings and it’s follow up ‘Swept In Black’ on Isolation Records in 2018, Lifesick released ‘Misanthropy’ into the world. Whilst perfectly blending raw death metal sounds with a punk attitude and extreme rage, Lifesick manage to retain an outstanding texture to their music which goes to show that the Danes know exactly what they are doing. The new album consists of no-nonsense and to the bone metallic hardcore.


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