Kruelty (JAP)

Kruelty (JAP)


Disgusting music from Tokyo, Japan. Death doom mixed with hardcore punk!

KRUELTY is Japanese hardcore/death metal band formed in Tokyo. They have been a band since 2017 and have released a few demos, EPs and three splits.

The Kruelty sound is heavily influenced by some east-coast and Japanese heavy hardcore bands like All Out War, No Retreat, One Second Thought, Redline, early SAND, Dyingrace and Second to None (JP) as well as some death doom like Anatomia, Asphyx, Coffins, Cianide, Funebrarum, Purtenance and Undergang. Also some Crust punk and Grindcore bands are our favorites.

1st full length album called "A Dying Truth" was released through Daymare Recordings/ Profound Lore Records in March 2020 and they also made kinda "Quarantined EP" which contains 2 re-recorded songs and 1 cover song in this strange time.

And they're coming over to Europe for the first time!


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