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Additional info on Bloodshed Fest 2023

Some additional information about Bloodshed Fest 2023!

Additional info on Bloodshed Fest 2023
  • Venue opens saturday at 13.30h, sunday at 14.00h.
  • First band on saturday: 14.15h
  • First band on sunday: 14.40h.
  • Metropool has lockers. Using a locker costs 2 euros in cash, so it is useful that you bring a 2 euro coin. There is a change machine at every locker location, where you can withdraw 2 euros cashless or change your bills. You will not get the 2 euros back after using the locker.
  • We will have a Bloodshed Fest festival shirt available for 20 euros in a very limited amount. You can pay with cash and card at our merch booth.
  • All payments in Metropool are contactless. Paying for consumptions with cash is unfortunately not possible. However, it is possible to purchase a credit card (at €1.50) at the checkout. Topping up this credit card is possible from €20.
  • There are plenty of parking options in the vicinity of Metropool. You can park at 50m from the building in the Q-Park P+R Station car park.
  • The train station in Hengelo is very close to the venue. You can plan a trip at
  • Smoking inside is not allowed.
  • The cash register will be open for people who want to buy their ticket at the venue.
  • Tickets can also be scanned from your mobile phone.